Expo 30 cl

The novelty of this plastic glass is its stacking capability. The glasses fit perfectly inside each other without sticking. 

Unlike other similar products, there are no internal stacking notches that disturb the preparation of crushed drinks and makes the glass more difficult to clean.

Also, despite being as large as the 40 cl Granity, it has the advantage of containing less product.

The base is especially thick and this prevents accidental breakage during the crushing phases of cocktail preparation. 

A new plastic glass that will certainly become ever more popular. 

Available in Satin (textured outer finish sandblasted type).



  • Capacità al bordo: 35 cl
  • Capacità al servizio: 30 cl
  • Diametro superiore: 79 mm
  • Diametro inferiore: 59 mm
  • Altezza: 128 mm
  • Versioni: Satin

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